It’s a common misconception that people who eat plant-based don’t get enough protein and are weaker than meat eaters. These female athletes are busting these myths with their diet choices and indomitable spirits:

1) Venus Williams


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In 2011, the tennis star was diagnosed with an auto immune disorder and was advised by her doctor to go plant-based to relieve symptoms like extreme fatigue and joint pain. Since then she has adopted a raw vegan diet and is feeling healthier and happier than ever.

2) Serena Williams

After her sister’s diagnosis with Sjogren’s syndrome in 2011, the world tennis champion decided to clean up her diet and went vegan. She loves protein in her diet and eats foods like beans and vegan sushi to load up on it. 

3) Tia Blanco 

The two-time gold medallist surfer at the International Championships has been a vegetarian since birth and made the transition to veganism in 2013. She claims that her clean eating and plant-based diet helps her achieve a higher athletic level and that she rarely feels sore after her workouts.

4) Meagan Duhamel 

This Canadian Olympic figure skater who has won many medals and international accolades has been vegan since December of 2008. Duhamel has said that her diet has allowed her to become healthier, lower her carbon footprint and save the planet and its animal inhabitants. 

5) Dotsie Bausch

This pro cyclist shifted to a plan- based diet in 2009. She won a silver medal at the 2012 Olympics. Her decision was initially made in order to stop animal cruelty, but her vegan diet may have played a role in improving her performance. To ensure that protein intake is sufficient, for breakfast she eats foods like oatmeal, yogurt, pancakes, a vegan scramble or an avocado toast. She usually opts for a big salad, with a large helping of veggies of every colour.

6) Seba Johnson

Johnson was the first black Olympic skier. She was raised in a family that did not consume any animal products and has been purely plant-based since birth. She says that her diet has never failed her and she’s rarely ever fallen sick since her childhood. She focusses on eating nutrient-dense and protein-rich foods to sustain her active lifestyle. 

7) Morgan Mitchell

This Australian sprinter and Olympian went plant-based at 19, a full two years before she became an Olympian. She says that the dietary switch has helped her recover faster. Although her motivation for going vegan was to fight animal cruelty, she’s been reaping the health benefits as an added bonus.

8) Heather Mills

Mills is a passionate animal rights activist and has been nicknamed “the fastest disabled woman” in the world. This professional skier and Paralympic champion states that her plant-based diet is what fuels her and keeps her healthy.

9) Catra Corbett 

This 56-year-old ultra-runner and former drug addict has turned her life around and regained control of her health since going vegan. She has participated in over 250 ultra-marathons since she has adopted a plant-based diet.

10) Diana Taurasi 

This three-time Olympic gold medallist for Basketball credits her long and fruitful career to her vegan diet. Around 7 years ago she adopted a plant-based diet to improve her health, since then she has seen an improvement in her athletic performance which she suggests, is due to reduced inflammation and faster recovery after exertion.

These successful athletes are the living proof that clean eating and plant based goods can improve your health and recovery, as well as reduce inflammation. With a balanced plant-based diet and by developing conscious and intuitive eating habits we can stay fit, active and athletic for longer.





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