It is never too early to think about good nutrition! Optimizing your diet during pregnancy and your infant’s diet early in life can help to protect their health into adulthood. A totally plant-based diet can meet everyone’s nutritional needs, including those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, a well-planned plant-based eating pattern could be appropriate for all stages of life if adequate and healthy recommendations are followed.

There is no doubt that Hollywood is always at the forefront of popular trends and movements, and there are some celebrities who not only continued their plant-based diet during pregnancy, but also are raising their kids on this diet. 

Here are some of the popular celebrities:

1) Alicia Silverstone
Actor Alicia Silverstone was raised amongst animals since she was a kid. She had adopted vegan lifestyle since childhood. In her book ‘ The Kind Diet ‘ she elaborates her journey towards veganism, her love of animals and benefits of embracing plant-based diet. An animal activist, not only did she stay vegan during her first pregnancy (with son Bear, now three), she said that her preschooler is also “proud” to be a vegan just like mama.

2) Emily Deschanel
“Bones” star and long-time vegan Emily Deschanel recently confirmed that she’s expecting her first child and that she plans on maintaining her vegan diet with the help of a dietitian. During her pregnancy (with now three-year-old son Henry), the actress opened up about maintaining her vegan diet.

“I don’t think it’s any more challenging for me than it is for anyone else: You have to make sure you get all those essential nutrients,” she said of maintaining a vegan diet during pregnancy.

“The real challenge for a vegan is getting vitamin B12 and omega-3s; you can get those in a vegetarian supplement made from algae,” she added. “I’ve increased my protein intake with beans and brown rice, and shakes made with almond milk and hemp powder.”

3) Alyssa Milano
Long time vegetarian (although she does eat cheese) and new mom Alyssa Milano said that her diet did not change much during pregnancy: “I’m still craving boring things like broccoli and pizza, which isn’t much different from my normal diet.”

4) Natalie Portman
Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman has two children that she is bringing up on a vegan lifestyle. Although she ate eggs during her otherwise predominant plant-based pregnancy, Portman is also an animal rights activist. Portman even had this to say about being vegan during a conversation with Vanity Fair: “People don’t feel like they’re sacrificing anything. They can still have delicious food and not be harming the planet.”

5) Alanis Morissette
Alicia Silverstone’s pal and Singer, Alanis Morissette became a vegan in 2009, inspired by Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book “Eat to Live” and maintained a mostly vegan diet during her pregnancy with son Ever Imre.

With more and more celebrities adopting plant- based lifestyle and proudly raising their children solely on this diet, they are setting an ideal example for their fans to follow.



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