Although meat is food that is full of required body nutrients, such as proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids, yet it is also responsible for causing many side-effects in the human body. Thus, it is wise to kick this addiction at the earliest. According to research conducted at Harvard University in 2014, eating red meat prompts the chances of breast cancer in adolescent women by 22% and 13% in adult women.

Similarly, the experimental data published in Annals of Internal Medicine confirmed that eating any form of meat increases the chances of causing cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes mellifluous.

Consumption of meat is increasing in almost all parts of the world, also referred to as “meat addiction.” This addiction can be dangerous due to the following reasons:

  • It considerably enhances the chances of cancer.
  • High consumption of meat is also associated with diabetes and heart diseases.
  • Meat consumption increases obesity and obesity-associated complications.
  • It also carries a high risk of food-borne diseases and resistance to antibiotics
  • Meat-eaters are more prone to erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems.
  • Animal products generates reactive oxygen species, which are responsible for many prevalent diseases.
  • Finally, it also increases the risk of mortality.

Owing to so many demerits of meat, it is required to learn how to get over this addiction. Here in this article, we have suggested the recommended steps to follow, which assure guaranteed results to get rid of meat addiction.

  • Plan Ahead

Planning your diet properly is the best way to beat meat addiction. It requires will power, a substitute diet plan, and legitimate guidance to overcome any addiction. Therefore, do not rush into things and always have a well chalked out plan for better results.

If a person is having a healthy diet full of nutrients, he will be less attracted to meat-based products. Therefore, good planning can be a good source of quitting meat addiction.

  • Shop Wisely

Shopping centres are the main spots from where the problem of meat addiction arises. If you don’t purchase meat, it’s obvious you are not going to eat it, and over time, you will get used to other products. For example, grains, fresh vegetables, fruits, and proteins. Therefore, shopping wisely is a vital stage in transitioning your meals from meat to whole foods.

Meat is the combination of all nutrients; therefore, prohibiting it would crave you for all of the required nutrients. Plant-based foods are the complete set of sufficient nutrients that your body needs to survive.

They are rich in proteins that are made up of both non-essential and essential amino acids. They are also a good source of fatty acids, vitamin B12, Vitamin D, iron, calcium, and other micro nutrients. Hence eating plant-based foods can help you in overcoming meat addiction.

  • Eat More Fruits

Whenever the nutrients level of a person’s body declines, he always runs to grab some instant meal, which mostly consists of meat-based products. Eating fruits provides the best possible answer to this problem.

For example, grapes and figs are the two fruits, which contain the maximum amount of carbohydrates. Additionally, fruits are also a rich source of anti-oxidant Phyto-compounds, vitamins, and other minerals. Hence consuming them not only facilitates you to stop eating meat but also helps your body to fight against other chronic illnesses.

  • Think About Junk Food Differently

It’s a human behaviour that he runs away from the things about which he has a negative image in his brain and vice versa. The best way to prevent yourself from eating meat would be to think about animal products differently.

According to a study conducted in 2013, people were trained to look at meat and junk food negatively, and the consequence of this study was that the desire for meat and junk food was lessened in all of the participants

  • Get Adequate Sleep and Rest

Sufficient rest and sleep are required for proper body functioning. It improves your energy level as well as mood. It is a scientifically proven fact that inadequate sleep is strongly linked to junk food cravings. In a recent study, it was demonstrated that sleep restriction has a strong connection with the craving of meat-based products.

  • Work on Stress Management

The research proves that cravings for fast food and meat-related foods significantly increase when a person gets emotional. Therefore, stress should be managed in the best possible healthy way. For example, taking long breaths, going on a walk, performing yoga, journaling, talking, and sharing matters with a close friend, performing some creativity such as painting.


Meat has been a part of our diet for a long time now, and it seems difficult to get rid of this food staple; however, it is not impossible. Due to the numerous health hazards linked to consuming meat, we must avoid meat consumption, or at least reduce it gradually.

By following the recommended advice shared above, you can control your meat cravings in a short period. A plant-based whole food diet is an exceptional way of controlling your meat cravings as well as it has extensive health benefits too.

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