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Going trekking- Pack a punch with these easy to pack snacks

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There is nothing better than spending a day with friends or loved ones on a journey through nature. When you go on a hike, you get to explore places, breathe in fresh mountain air, and reawaken your sense of wonder. Trekking also offers many health benefits, including stress reduction. Spending multiple hours on the trail, rock hopping and climbing hills is an effective exercise form, but it isn’t doable without the proper fuel.

To keep you adequately fueled for hiking, biking, climbing or any adventure, it is important to pack healthy, filling and nutritious snacks for these challenging hikes or backpacking trips.

So, what are the ideal snacks for trekking? As we discussed, it’s important to pick nutritious snacks that provide enough energy throughout the trip.


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What makes for a good trekking snack?

The ideal trekking snacks must be lightweight so that they do not weigh you down. These snacks should have an appropriate combination of protein, healthy fats and sugars, complex carbs, and a bit of sodium.

The combination of carbohydrates, fat and sugar will keep you energized, while proteins will help your muscles and tissues rebuild after your hike. It might sound counter-intuitive, but sodium should also be an element in your snack. It will keep your body hydrated, especially during long and exhausting activities.

And don’t forget to bring plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated during your trekking.

Pack your bag with these easy to pack snacks

Here are some healthy and tasty snack options that are easy to pack when you are on a short forest walk, all-day trek, or multi-day journey.

  • Fresh fruit and veggies: Fresh fruits and vegetables are the first choice for day hikes or the first day of a backpacking trip. Fruits energize you when you are feeling low on energy or lightheaded. Whole fruits that do not require refrigeration such as apples, bananas, grapes and oranges can be packed as a refreshing treat. A combo of fresh veggies acts as a healthy mix of protein, fats, carbs, and fiber to keep you satiated and energized. Pack a mix of carrot sticks, celery, cucumber, and snap peas. Add a little hummus for protein to any of these options.
  • Nuts and seeds: Nuts and seeds are rich in healthy fats and proteins. They are high in calories to fill you up and give you lasting energy making them one of the best snacks for hiking. You can make your own nutty mix and grab a handful of them when needed.
  • Whole-grain tortillas: These are healthy option when you crave bread and need something to eat with spreads like peanut butter. Tortillas are high in calories and are shelf-stable. They are versatile, lightweight, and flexible and hence fit in any crevice of your pack. Tortilla chips are also crunchy, salty, delicious yet healthy snack. These healthy snacks taste perfect with nut butter, hummus, or any tasty creation that you dream up while on the trail.
  • Nutrition bars: Nutrition or energy bars are perhaps the easiest, no-hassle snack you can pack for trekking. They are compact, readily available and have a good balance between complex carbohydrates, protein, and natural sugars. Always choose bars that contain primarily natural ingredients without any added sugars to enjoy the greatest benefits.
  • Trail mix: This go-to snack is a classic trekking snack because it is portable, full of calories and proteins, and is satisfying. They are also good source of quick energy and easily digestible carbs and potassium to help replenish your electrolytes. These are easy to make are also readily available in a variety of flavors and mixtures. If you have a sweet tooth, you can toss some dried fruits or dark chocolate in your trail mix.
  • Granola: Rolled oats, nuts and a little bit of sweetness- it is mix of complex carbs, healthy fats, and sugar. There are so many things to love about granola. These are easy to find, tasty, flavorful and won’t go bad no matter how long your trek lasts.

Now it’s time to pack. Let us put this all together, and embark on the next adventure. Get moving healthy!


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