How has plastic affected the earth?

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The application of plastic, a synthetic organic polymer, in the production of materials and items like construction materials, medical supplies, electronic products, clothing, water bottle, writing materials and so on first began with them France Vittel mineral water company which introduced the first plastic bottle for the packaging of various products in the late 1960s. Initially, it seemed like a genius idea to make products easily and readily available to use as the plastic was ones thought to be inert and non-hazardous. However, over the years due to constant and high usage and demand of plastics for easy production across countries, it has resulted in massive indiscriminate disposal of the product and this has been to the different linked problem. Due to the failure to effectively recycle the growing number of plastic used, environmental pollution especially the aquatic environment by this waste generated is known a widely known important unsolved issue. When plastic is used for a long period of time and is constantly exposed to high temperature, it could result in the discharge of toxic chemicals content into water, drinks or food. This public health hazards which the environment is faced with is majorly due to the uncontrolled discarding of plastic on land. Trying to get rid of the plastics by burning would only lead to the release of poisonous chemicals to the air.

Poisonous chemicals like poly fluorinated chemicals, brominated flame retardant, antimony and bisphenol A (which affects the function of a general called KCC2, it takes an active part in the growth of neurons, also known as nerve cells, as well as the growth of the brain and spinal cord) all make up plastic which will later leach leading to a negative effect on the health of living organism in the environment. Many countries took to throwing plastic waste into water bodies which get swept up in the gyres or settle on the seafloor. The dumping of plastic in aquatic habitats has rendered fish and other aquatic animals unhealthy for dieting and fish eaters should be aware of the fact that fishes from the river are not whole as they used to be. The damage done by fish selling industries is no different from industries that encourage the purchase of meat and cheese by willing buyers. Toxins like plastic, Mercury, chemicals and other water pollutants have rendered the oceans, rivers and unsafe home for aquatic animals.

Plastic is being used daily for a lot of purposes such as packaging and a lot of industrial usages but the hazard it creates cannot be overlooked. Its usage cannot be ignored as we can’t do without it. When materials used to replace plastics came onboard (shopping bags, glass, liquid wood, paper, metal and even eco-friendly plastics) which is very easy to decay but cannot seem to take the place of plastic.
To be safe from possible severe consequences of eating aquatic derived food from contaminated habitats, such meals that include fish should be removed from your menu. Products made out of plastic or edible products packaged in a plastic material should not be used or consumed. It is also harmful to eat food heated or prepared in plastic. Instead of thrashing out plastics and repurchasing them, they should be recycled and used all over again, avoid the use of plastic packaged products as it is likely to have been contaminated.

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