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Do you think it is a coincidence that the word diet has ‘die’ in it?
People feel miserable and depressed while following a strict diet plan. It is because they have to surrender their favorite cuisines. Food gives us joy and it is because of this reason, any celebration or festivity is incomplete without it. The same is the case with your body that needs energy, vital nutrients, and joy to function.

If you let yourself feel deprived of food by giving up on food or lowering down the calories, it will affect the overall performance of your body. An inadequate diet for a prolonged period will have adverse consequences.
Here is what you need to know about the top reasons of your diet ineffectiveness.

1. Diets Don’t Work – Lifestyle Does
No matter which diet or nutrition plan you choose, you will have to cut down on several things, including your favorite menu items. Such plans do not work for a longer time as you get tired of following a restrictive pattern.
It is not an easy task to put your body through this test, where you are unable to enjoy your food. Thus, weight loss goals should be linked to making changes to your lifestyle. Even if you are successful in reducing some mass, how would you ensure that it does not come back?
You must make changes to your lifestyle by adapting to a balanced diet, being more active, and bidding farewell to bad habits.

2. High-Protein Low-Carb Diet (HPLC)
Another reason that your diet is not working for you is that you still stick to a century-old high-protein, low-carb diet, also known as the Atkin diet. Such diet plans were thought to be very fruitful because they certainly help in weight loss, but this comes with a side effect. The weight loss you achieve due to the HPLC diet is due to the loss of water in your body.
Low-carbs intake causes a rapid reduction in your body water due to which your body loses temporary weight. Factually, you are not losing any body fat. Due to lower carbohydrates intake, your body consumes glycogen that holds a lot of water content. So, the weight loss you experience, in the initial days, is triggered by the massive loss of water in your body.
HPLC diet means that you are not consuming enough carbs, and cutting out on calories a great deal. This way, you are putting your body through a test, and it will surely lose weight, but this does not work long-term. Your body needs carbohydrates especially from sources that are rich with fiber.
The idea is to fill yourself with good sources of carbohydrates like whole grains, beans, lentils, etc. as they don’t give a sugar rush to your body. The nutrition plans recommending you go with protein-rich diets, will not be effective as they are concentrated with fat and calories.

3. Go High Fiber
Does your diet contain sufficient fiber? If not, you certainly should increase the fiber intake in your diet. Adding fiber to your daily diet plan has tremendous benefits, including weight loss, lowering blood pressure, and controlling diabetes.
Fiber will add bulk to your meals, filling you up without adding too many calories in your system. It also helps with reducing the internal fat in your body that eventually leads to weight loss. Therefore, making this one change will help you achieve multiple goals.

The Way Forward
By now, you know the secret behind your diet’s ineffectiveness, and why you were unable to achieve your weight loss goals until now.
Here is what you need to adapt to start seeing results.

Upgrade Your Menu
I Indeed, it is hard to bid farewell to pizza, pasta, and burgers, especially when these were part of your diet for so long. However, you can replace the ingredients with better and healthier alternates. For example, discarding beef burger from the list and adding veggie burger, or having your pizza without the dairy cheese.

Eat More Fruits
Add more fruits to your daily diet and see the magic. Fruits help a great deal in reducing and managing weight along with various other benefits. They are full of vital nutrients and fiber with very few calories and an ideal meal for weight loss.

Build an Exercise Routine
With a change in the diet plan, adding exercise to your daily schedule will help expedite the process. Having an active lifestyle will not only support the weight loss process, but it always increases your metabolism that helps with keeping your body weight under check.

In short, your diet, nutrition plan, and exercising will not generate aspired results if you are not following the science behind the weight loss mechanism. All the diet plans will fail because you are not making the required changes to your lifestyle, which are the very basis of the whole process.

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