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Toddlers love finger foods! They always prefer the foods which they can pick with their fingers and eat. Toddlers can get picky after the age of 2 years and require variety of newer foods. Finger foods are mostly prepared from animal foods, however there are many ideas to include plant-based finger foods in your baby’s diet.

 Here are some ideas to make finger foods for your playful toddler:

1) Vegan banana French toast
Toast is a great food to give to babies. Cut it into strips and let your baby suck and chew on it. This banana French toast is wonderfully sweet thanks to the creamy banana and vanilla flavours. 

2) Corn & vegetable cutlets
It is easy to give your baby a varied and nutritious diet with recipes like these mouth-watering and colourful cutlets. Finely grated veggies are mixed with mashed potatoes, made into a cutlet, and fried with vegetable oils, these can reduce the hunger pangs during playtime.

3) Veggies or potatoes nuggets
Veggie nuggets usually rely on mashed potato as their base, but these are made from vegetables or lentils instead. You can try many varieties of vegetables to see what your toddler prefers.

4) Tofu cubes/chunks
Tofu is a rich source of proteins and can easily replace animal cheese. These nutritious cubes can be dry roasted and sprinkled with spices or had with sauces or dips that child likes.

5) Soya chunks
Soya chunks fried in vegetable oil or baked, are a delicious playtime snack. They are nutritious and filling too. 

6) Mixed baked veggies
Fresh vegetables of varied colors can be cut in different shapes and baked. These can be even flavoured with ground flaxseed. Children would love their plates decorated with colorful baked veggies.

7) Fried carrot/ sweet potato/ potato sticks
Babies love fries, because it tastes good and it is so easy for their small hands to hold and chomp on. In addition to the classic potato fries, you can also try making fries with carrots and sweet potatoes. 

8) Vegan fish fingers
Children love fish fingers, add a vegan twist by replacing it with tofu. You may add some spice to give it a variety. Children just love to hold them and eat when busy playing.

9) Veg chickpeas meatballs
Made from mashed potatoes and chickpeas with breadcrumbs, these replace original meat balls but are more nutritious and still light on the pockets and the tummy.

10) Roasted chickpeas and peanuts
Good playtime snack but be careful not to introduce it to young children since incidence of choking are common amongst these groups.

By introducing plant-based diet, you are protecting your child from the adverse health effects of animal foods.  More and more families are shifting to a more plant-based and vegan diet, and we hope that the above ideas are useful while helping your child adapt to this diet.




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